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Bloxorz Unblocked game is an online strategy game with physics elements and you can enjoy it completely free on MinikPlayer. Your goal is to push a block in each of the 33 levels and make it fall through a square-shaped hole. You must use the arrow keys to move your block. The platform you’re moving on floats in the air, so be careful when you’re near the edges. Falling off the platform will cause you to lose your level and you will have to start over. In some levels, you need to activate bridges to move from one platform to another. To do this you need to use keys. You will encounter two types of switches in Bloxorz. Round ones are called soft keys, and x-shaped ones are called hard keys. You can activate soft switches by pressing them with any part of your block. However, hard switches require more pressure, so your block must rest on its end to activate these switches. These switches may behave differently when enabled. Some change hyperlinks when enabled. There is a third type of switch that will split your block into two parts. Some levels feature orange tiles, and they are weaker than their regular counterparts. Standing upright on these tiles will cause them to collapse and your block to fall. Plan your moves carefully and try to solve all the levels!

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