Blob Opera

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Blob Opera
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When the Blob Opera Unblocked game starts, a single purple water drop appears on the screen. After making the purple drop sing solo songs, the other drops line up next to the purple drop in turn. Click on any drop and make it sing by moving it up and down and left and right. When you drag the drops upwards, their voices increase and they scream. As you move down, their sound gets quieter. When you move them to the right, their mouths slowly close, and when you move them to the left, their mouths open.

There are volume on and off buttons on each drop. From here you can keep any drop you want out of the chorus. When the drops on the left sing, the drops on the right sing along. You can dress the drops in the bottom right corner with Christmas hats and make it snow on them. You can record by clicking the RECORD button at the bottom left and then listen to your recording. You can play the blob opera game by controlling the blobs and making each one sing different notes.

Another funny and strange game from David Lee. In this experimental game from Google Labs, you make great music using your music blobs. Create a beautiful opera sound by giving each blobe something to sing about. Choose notes and pitch to create a beautiful (or ugly) sound in this fun online game.

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