Battle Warship Arena

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Battle Warship Arena
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While playing the Battle Warship Arena Unblocked game, you move the ship with the “A – D” keys on computers. You shoot at enemy ships by clicking the SPACE spacebar. On mobile phones and mobile tablets, you move the ship by turning the steering wheel on the left side of the screen. You shoot at enemy ships by clicking the aim button on the right. You can turn the automatic firing feature on or off by clicking the AUTO ON-OFF button.

You can protect yourself from enemy fire by going behind the islands in the battlefield. As you shoot at enemy ships, you damage them and reduce their energy. Likewise, if enemy fire hits your ship, your ship will be damaged. There are scales on the top of all ships showing energy or durability levels. Ships whose energy is zero disappear and disappear from the area. You can repair damaged parts of your ship by picking up the boxes in the water and thus increase your energy amount.

There is a circular area around your ship that shows the firing range. When enemy ships enter this circle, you can damage them by shooting. You earn points when you sink and destroy enemy ships. Using the points you earn, you can increase the number of cannon fires, firing range, durability and fast movement of your ship in the SHIPS section. You can also purchase larger ships. You can also purchase an admiral who controls your ship from the CAPITAN section.

During battle, the area where ships clash is constantly shrinking. The conflict area is outlined with a red line. If ships go beyond this red line, their energy decreases rapidly and thus they disappear more quickly. For this, while playing the Battle Warship Arena game, you must always stay in the safe area and try to destroy the enemy fleet.

You can track the number of ships in the water with you in the PLAYERS section at the top of the screen and the number of enemy ships you have destroyed in the KILLS section. When you destroy all the enemy ships, you win the battle and complete the level.

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