Basket Rush

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Basket Rush
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While playing Basket Rush Unblocked, you throw the ball towards the basket as soon as you click on the screen with your mouse or finger. There are 5 pots in a row in each section. There are fixed or mobile obstacles between the baskets and the ball. You try to put the ball through the hoops without hitting the obstacles. If the ball hits one of the obstacles, you repeat the same shot.

There are 5 athletes with you in each section. When you put the ball into the basket, you move on to the next basket. After making consecutive accurate shots, you complete the section by reaching the end point of the track and move on to the next section. You earn points as you complete the levels. You can buy new characters from the SHOP section using the points you earn. Thus, you can continue playing the Basket Rush game by starting the next sections with the athlete you have just chosen.

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