Ball Paint 3D

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Ball Paint 3D
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While playing the Ball paint 3D unblocked game, you try to paint the object at the top with the colored balls at the bottom of the screen. Each section consists of 3 stages. You have 20 shots to complete these 3 stages. Your remaining shot rights are written next to the ball you will shoot. The balloon that says NEXT shows the color you will use in the next move.

You can examine the object in 360 degrees by clicking on the object with your mouse or finger and dragging it left or right or up and down. This way you can see which area to paint before you shoot. You need to play Ball paint 3D game by trying to paint the most areas at once. This way, you can finish the levels more easily and paint the ball. You can improve your intelligence and thinking skills by visualizing the coloring combinations in each shot.

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