Backgammon Classic

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Backgammon Classic
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On the opening page of the Backgammon Classic Unblocked game, you will see menu buttons for one player against the computer and for two players against a real friend next to you. When you click on the single player match option, a second settings window appears. From here you choose the difficulty level, number of hands and checker color. There are 3 difficulty levels in total. There are also 1, 3, 5, …, 15 hand numbers. In the 2-player match option, you will also see a second setting window. From here you can only choose the number of hands and stamp color.

You can change the color of the board and checkers from the settings window on the first menu page. There are 5 types of wood and stamps here.

The bottom right corner of the board is your court, and the top right corner is your opponent’s court. We try to collect your own stamps at your own site first. Then you win the match by taking your checkers from the board before your opponent. While playing the backgammon game, we try to imprison the opponent’s checkers by preventing them from escaping. To do this, you complete the blocking process by building doors to your opponent’s escape points. If you set up gates in front of your opponent’s checkers and prevent them from reaching their own area, you will prevent your opponent from winning the match. When you take all of your checkers off the board before your opponent, if the opponent takes at least 1 checker off the board, you win 1 POINT. If you remove all your pieces from the board and the opponent has not removed any checkers, you win 2 NUMBER. The process of winning 2 different numbers is called MARS.

You can follow the checkers removed from the board from the sections on the right side of the board. Each side determines the number of moves to make by using the dice on the board. With every move you make, you try to bring your checkers to your side as soon as possible and also try to prevent the moves your opponent will make. Thus, you can improve your thinking, decision-making and intelligence skills and have fun. You can have a pleasant time with this application, known all over the world as Backgammon.

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