Anime Girl Shooting

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Anime Girl Shooting
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While playing the Anime Girl Shooting Unblocked game, you move your character in the area by using the “W, A, S, D” keys on computers. You jump with SPACE clearance. You change your viewing angle by dragging the mouse left and right on the screen. You shoot by clicking the left mouse button. You open the sniper gun’s scope by clicking the right mouse button. You reload the gun with “R”. You change your weapons by clicking the buttons numbered “1, 2, 3 and 4”. The weapons you can change are pistols, sniper rifles, sniper guns and knives.

On mobile phones and mobile tablets, you move your character by dragging your finger on the control panel on the left side of the screen. When the single bullet button on the right is selected, you shoot as you click on the screen. When the multiple bullet button is selected, your gun’s barrel automatically fires when it hits the enemy. When you click on the JUMP button, you jump into the air. By clicking on the weapon change button, you can get different weapons.

There are 3 different battle options: RANKED MATCH, FUN MODE and BIOCHEMICAL MODE. There are 3 different maps in the Ranked Match option. You are fighting between two teams of four soldiers. The combat duration is given as 5 minutes. Additionally, the side that kills 50 enemies as a team wins the battle. When you die during the conflict, you respawn from a different place and continue playing the Anime Girl Shooting game. You can follow the scoreboard and remaining time from the indicator at the top of the screen. In the Fun Mode option, you can fight a sniper war in Snipe Mode, a knife war in Knife Only, a two-person war in 2V2 Mode, and a one-man war in Solo Mode.

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