2048 Billiards

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2048 Billiards
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While playing the 2048 Billiards Unblocked game, you drag and drop the ball from the right side of the screen with your mouse or finger and throw it to the left. Every ball you throw has numbers that are multiples of two, such as 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256. When balls with the same number written on them collide with each other, the number value of the ball doubles. The number value you need to reach appears on the left side of the table. When the largest ball reaches this number value, you complete the level and gain the right to pass to the next level.

You have as many shots as the number that appears next to the thrown ball. If the number value here becomes “0” before reaching the given target value, you will fail. In this case, you have to start the same section again. You earn points at the end of each successful shot. You can follow your total score from the SCORE section at the top of the screen. Try to complete the 2048 billiards game by trying to reach the target number in each level with the least number of moves.

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