101 Okey

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101 Okey
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101 okey Unblocked game is played with 106 tiles. Each player has 21 tiles on their board. There are 20 stones on the ground to use. You are trying to create straight and ordered pairs with pieces. When the number of melds created reaches 101, you are entitled to open the pieces on the table. To calculate the value of pieces more easily, you can take the arithmetic average of the pairs. When the arithmetic average of the pairs reaches 34, you can place the pieces on the ground. You win the hand by creating a pair from all the stones and placing them on the ground.

Stones with the same color and number are called pairs. When there are 5 pairs on your board, you can place the stones on the ground. If you have opened your hand in pairs, you cannot open a series of pairs on the ground.

If the person who creates a pair of 21 stones in his cue and places the last stone in his hand on the right side, he wins the hand. 101 POINTS are deducted from the person who wins the hand without leaving any stones on his cue. 202 points are added as a penalty to each person who cannot open a hand.

If no one has been able to reveal all the stones on their cue when the 20 stones on the ground are finished, the person with the least number of stones left in their cue wins the hand.

You can choose the difficulty level as EASY, NORMAL or DIFFICULT from the SETTINGS menu in the upper right corner of the screen. You can create melds by automatically arranging the pieces from the SHOW HELP option. You can increase the opening hand value from the DOUBLE option. In this way, the person who cannot open a hand tries to increase the value of the melds on his board. It has to exceed the opening value of the last person to open a hand. With the PENALTY option, you can make your opponents score extra points with busy pieces. In this way, you try to beat your opponents by giving extra penalty points to the people who open hands. While playing the 101 okey game, you try to reduce the number of tiles on your board by thinking strategically in every move you make and also try to prevent your opponents from opening their hands. In this way, you complete the fight as the leader by winning the hands.

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